Richmond Hall : Part Two

The Key Holders Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting on Last Tuesday of the Month

Location : held at [Lee’s] The American Donut Shoppe

Meeting Date : 26 Sept 2017

ITEM NO : 4798732-49


Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.


Present : [in no relative order] Vanessa P. Raigen [On-Duty, Preferred Recorder], Phillip Grayson, Richard O’Connor, Tonya Salisbaum, Tom Feller, Reginald Hoffenfeyter, Greta Buntz, Mickey Nodd, Richard Dillinger, Kevin Rome, Perry Novice

Absent : Evelyn McKinnon, Laird Tennant

Guests (Attendees) : Grace Demóndenook


First hand report of incident which occurred on 9 September 2017 given by Ms. Grace Demóndenook, who has gained fifteen pounds since her last appearance at a regular Key Holder Meeting.

Demóndenook states she was injured after being spooked by a person [hallucination] and open door at Richmond Hall close to the end of her [JANITORIAL] duties.

Demóndenook states she is not seeking restitution for her injuries from the group Key Holders [of which she is not fully a part, only a worker].

Demóndenook admits she refused medical attention on scene.

Demóndenook states if she is to be put on trial it will be by a judge not a clerical worker.

[Recorder unsure what is meant by this as no one is acting in any pointed way towards Demóndenook. Recorder is simply reading questions pertaining to the interest of all Key Holders.]

Demóndenook states she can still perform necessary [JANITORIAL] duties.


– Tonya Salisbaum states to Grace Demóndenook she is glad G.D. was not seriously injured on site.

  Grace Demóndenook stated she had nothing further to report, rolled her eyes as she left the meeting early.

  Mr.Tom Feller stated opinions in grunts as he followed Demóndenook which this recorder asked him to clarify for record. Another grunt for a final response has been interpreted that he willfully denied the request.

– Reginald Hoffenfayter awakens.

– Richard O’Connor asks if the power not being on affected the incident.

– Greta Buntz asks this recorder if Grace Demóndenook’s position is available.

– Recorder responds that no  official resignation has been reported.

– Perry Novice asks if the meeting is over.

MOTION :  To lock Richmond Hall permanently and schedule demolition, fire Grace Demóndenook as her additional weight may cause further structural damage and her hallucinations are a liability.

VOTE : Motion unanimously denied.


Remaining members are drinking coffee and enjoying donuts purchased by Phillip Grayson of Grayson’s Deli, the best food in town!

Free meeting spot allowed with reluctance in honor of tradition by Mr. and Mrs. Lee, owners of The American Donut Shoppe


“What great custard filling, Phillip!” —Tonya Salisbaum

“If you think ‘sandwich’, think Grayson’s” —Phillip Grayson

“If you could, Vanessa, remove the deceased from absent section when you publish this time?” —Tom Feller


The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

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