On Life

Stumble to attention in your stride.

Steps and careful footing provoke thoughts,

until practice fades into sentience.

This is hard until it is not,

and worry yields no easier way.

The preferred state rises;

stand there for a moment.

Weightless, she walks.


Born uncomfortably beyond boundaries,

working backward,

finding betrayal to harden against.

Walking to where love stopped and driving in a flag;

not unlike a surveyor at a property line.

Coddled in her cause.


Happiness is lack of wanting.

A student of her own loosened grip,

finding that which serves her

and dropping her arms and gaze.

The undoing is a light that burns within,

nowhere else.

She shines.


Grateful for every moment and experience.

Each wound, fresh and old,

the pain itself is a miracle of this world.

Weightless she walks, coddled in her cause, she shines.

Praise life.

Kristie M . Hendricks

October 25, 2017

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