Faith in Fullness

The work we are blessed with is assigned from our weakest times; moments when we forget humility and were overcome with bravado and haste. Truth comes and knocks at us a bit.

Life’s ornately framed mirrors, some smokey and dusty and others crystal clear, are our closest friends in this life. All traits we see in those people are too, ours. We are one and we win when we listen and laugh simultaneously. Seriousness is an aversion to softness. Blessed are those who gently laugh at their own folly, because shame is not in the recipe of growth.

Remember that you learned the beautiful place you lived was not your sanctuary, but that it allowed you to find it within you. Peace is all.

The hermit cannot serve her community away in her cabin on the hill. She can retreat back when her work is done or intermittently, but the human version of her cannot forget that she is one with all. Thus, incomplete in her mortal state alone. She is mastery and a creator of life; her love, not expended with her counterparts, is sorrow.

Tread lightly this round, my love, my self. You gave forcible a good go already.

This chapter is for patience and silence. Share your learnings in action. Teaching is within you. You will know when you are followed what you were meant to show. Do not seek it, you have it already. It will come up when it’s meant to. Meditate even though that spoiled dog snores between your legs, it is beneficial to gift yourself a moment for your needs. Stillness is the foremother of action.

Power in you refuses to be downtrodden. Instead, responsibility weighs on you; you know that if you wish it, it will be created. Your wantings will become fine-tuned. What a precious and fragile gift to be yours. Your realm, which is all-inclusive, is a shining light to be served at your every moment, you cannot become empty when your stores are everything, entirely. You need only remember you are full.

14 January 2018

Edited 11 November 2018

Kristie M. Hendricks

One thought on “Faith in Fullness

  1. A great remedy for solace Kristi this insight has inspired me to do a painting tonight.a great piece to reflect our own beautiful tragedy, love it

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