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Katie Hilbert

Growing up in the deep woods and even deeper snow of northwest Pennsylvania, Katie’s connection to and eros for the land was natural. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geography/Environmental Studies. As an adjunct faculty member in Environmental Science, she was enabled to share that appreciation for the natural world with people of all ages as an environmental educator throughout the country. Drawn to systems thinking, she obtained a MS in Sustainable Systems, studying ecology and sustainable agriculture from the first program of it’s kind in the US.

For the next 10 years she lived in close relation with the land as an organic vegetable farmer, grew and sold heirloom vegetables, medicinal and native plants and continued to teach community classes. Within that time, she also managed CSA, sales and value added production for a 17 member organic Amish growers cooperative serving western Pennsylvania and helping to build the network that is Pittsburgh’s thriving local food scene.

Expanding the scientific ecological systems view to include and integrate the human felt experience, her Clinical Certificate in Ecotherapy provided a foundation for deeper exploration of our role as human beings living in relationship with all of life. Hilbert is passionate about connecting people to the land and nature in often intangible, but felt ways and through sustainable local food systems. Katie currently resides in Tucson, AZ.